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While we were traveling in Southern Utah. We had the misfortune of having problems with our boat trailer (wheel bearings). It was late at night and we were about 50 miles from a nice town called blanding. We checked our GPS and lied to us and said the closest repair shop was in Montecello. Which was about 80 miles away. We were lucky enough to limp into blanding. And it was with great relief that we came across Montella Repair and Towing. We pulled into the parking lot and sleep til they opened. In the morning the staff was very clean, professional and the nicest (almost like we were family). They fixed us up. Treated us very fairly and deffintly did NOT PRICE gouge us. It has been our experience when far from home and we've needed repairs. That we feel that repair shops have taken advantage of us knowing we have no choice but to have the work done. These people are deffintly NOT that way. We can't Thank Frank, Jeri, and Sean enough for the professional manner in which they operated

The O'Neil Family

I was traveling through Blanding a couple of days ago with a group of friends when our car broke down about 12 miles south of your city. I learned that there was a towing company in Blanding that could help us ? Montella?s Repair. Within a relatively short period of time, Todd Montella showed up, put our car on the flat bed of his tow truck, and transported us back to Blanding. Todd was extremely courteous, helpful, and well able to deal with four desert parched, angry, middle-aged women, with great sympathy and humor! He went well beyond anything that was professionally required of him. None of us have ever experienced this kind of generosity We are so apreciative of his professionalism, his humor, and his generosity. We will return to Blanding, if only to thank Todd again for his extraordinary effort to make our experience so much better than it would otherwise have been.

Gretchen Freeman, Beth Gentry, Jody Brennan, Diane


Never experienced such generosity!

I am a AAA member and have been stuck in Monument Valley, UT with the whole family and my TOYOTA SIENNA. As the closest TOYOTA dealer was about 140 miles away, I was strongly recommended to call Montella's Repair in Blanding. They have just been phenomenal. Todd showed up after one 90 min drive and literally fixed the problem in less than five minutes. While the issue was quite simple (blown fuse of the brakes, which prevented any gear switching of the car), it was clear that Todd knew his stuff very well. I was able to continue my trip further (3,200 miles together) with no issue. I can tell you that my family and I have been extremely happy with the service provided by Montella's. They saved me the towing to the nearest dealer, which would have cost me about $500 ! A big thank-you to Todd and Kudos to Montella's! Emmanuel.


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